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Why use Freedom Notebook as your Personal Information Manager?

Many people who need to keep a note of something scribble it on a piece of paper, which can get lost, or open a Notepad file, which then gets buried in a folder or sub-folder of their wordprocessor.

With Notebook you can keep everything in one place - whether a phone number or a large amount of text - and find it again in a second.

Lists Ideas Plans
Passwords Letters Faxes
Memos Phone numbers Addresses
Notes Prices Orders
To Do lists Expenses Receipts
E-mail addresses Invoices Essays
Account details Passwords Formulas
Phone messages Serial numbers Thoughts
Web addresses Reminders Legal notes
Pet health Gardening tips Gift ideas
Family tree Car service details Expenses
Clips from the internet Announcements Speeches
CD details Library lists Running costs
Part numbers References Ingredients
Birthdays DVD details Shopping lists
Record collection Pet innoculations Legal data
Dictionary Family health history Stamp collection
Travel directions Christmas card list Project plans
Operating instructions Snippets Coin collection
Medical data Idioms Administrative data
Text downloads Instructions Buyer/Seller lists
Account numbers Customer service notes Sales leads
Client notes Accounting notes Phrases
Jokes Itineraries Quotations
Foreign words How to? details  

...and hundreds of other uses. Whatever information you need to keep, let Notebook do it for you. You may wonder how you ever managed without it.


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